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How to get free Garena Shells

How to get Free shells in garena :

this is a legal way and no one will ask for your account password or your email password or anything nothing to be afraid of .

no need to download anything
no need to type your username 
no need to type your password
no need to use your main email
IT'S ALL SAFE !!!! this is one of the most trusted website ever

a lot of people think this is impossible but guess what it's possible so what you got to do is to fellow my leads what are we going to do is we are going to earn some money so we can buy shells with them we are going to use  a known PTC called onbux so lets start

Registering to the website in the first stage so... this is a guide of how to register in onbux

                       CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE

once you click on the link you will be taken to a website looks like this

click on register !!!

now you will be taken to the registration form like the picture is showing down below

fill the information and when you finish click register

once you click register you will be taken to this website

go to your email and search for onbux email if you didn't find it search in junk place 

the email must look like this 

< imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

copy the the code that is showing in bold black and paste it in the previous website like this

congratulation your account have been created now click on GO login like this

now you will be taken to this website

just type your username , password and the letters on the picture and click login

you will be taken to a your account and it should look like this 

as you can see you don't have any money at the moment so what are you waiting for lets earn some money click on view ads

now you are at the ads place so click on the first red letter (eToro) like the picture is showing

and then click on the blue button

you will be taken to this website close the chat thing and wait for the bar to finish on the top of the screen 

once that it finishes you will get a picture like this

now you have to choose the letter that is showing twice in other word the letter on the right

congratulation !!!!!!! you just earned $0.01 so easy !! now do the same to the other ads (notice you can't do 2 ads in the same time)

when you finish all of them like this picture

click on my account to see how much you have earned by clicking these ads in no time

you earned $0.04 dollars in no time see how easy it's

now keep doing this every day till you get $2.00 and click on payment request to cashout your money (transfer it to your paypal) now you can buy a gold member for 1 month so easy it's like a free shells :D

and this is a guy who earned $660 by this website

enjoy watching that is a proof that onbux is real so good luck

I will be posting more trusted PTC guides soon so just keep checking this up

credit : Garenashells

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